Uptown Dining at Neighbourhood Prices
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Vegetarian Snacks

VS 1 Assorted Pakoras Platter

Deep fried variety of vegetables dipped in a spiced batter

VS 2 Cheese Spring Rolls

Savoury mixture of vegetables and cheese rolled up in a thin pancake and fried


VS 3 Dahi Ke Kebab

Bread slices filled with curd, capsicum and tomatoes

VS 4 French Fries

Potato strips fried till golden brown

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VS 5 Onion Bhajia

Chopped onions with spicy seasoning


VS 6 Makai Ke Kebab

American baby corn mixed with spices and fried till golden brown

VS 7 Masala Cashewnuts

Cashewnuts coated in masala and fried


VS 8 Masala Pappadom

Pappadoms topped with chopped tomatoes, coriander onion, green chilli and seasoned with salt and pepper

VS 9 Masala Peanuts

Peanuts dipped in masala topped with chopped tomatoes, coriander, onions, green chillis and seasoned with salt and pepper

VS 10 Mushroom Tikka

Button mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese and cashewnuts, dipped in curd and spices, roasted in tandoor

VS 11 Khaman

Gram flour seasoned with salt and turmeric powder, steamed and topped with curry leaves, mustard seed and green chillies

VS 12 Paneer Pakora

Deep fried home made cottage cheese


VS 13 Paneer Tikka

Home made cottage cheese marinated with spices, roasted in tandoor

VS 14 Pav Bhaji

Consists of bhaji (a thich potato-based mixture garnished with coriander, chopped onions and a dash of lemon) served with baked buns

VS 15 Potato Wedges

Large pieces of potato lightly dipped in batter and fried till golden brown

VS 16 Samosa

Small triangular pastry case filled with seasoned potatoes and green peas

VS 17 Tandoori Aloo

Potatoes filled with cottage cheese, cashewnuts, roasted in tandoor

VS 18 Vegetarian Seekh Kebab

Finely minced vegetables seasoned with spices, prepared in tandoor

VS 19 Vegetarian Spring Roll

Savoury mixture of vegetables rolled up in a thin pancake and fried

VS 20 Vegetarian Tandoori Platter

Variety of kebab on a sizzling plate


VS 21 Wada Pau

Consists of potato patty, seasoned with coriander, chopped onions, green chillies, fried and served with tamarind chutney and buns

VS 22 Vegetarian Grilled Sandwich

Non-Vegetarian Snacks

NV 1 Amritsari Fish

Deep fried boneless fish marinated with spices

NV 2 Fish Tikka

Boneless diced fish marinated in garlic, ginger, lime juice, yogurt and spices

NV 3 Mutton Sheekh Kebab

Minced mutton in medium flavoured spices wrapped on a skewer, done in tandoor

NV 4 Mutton Tikka


NV 5 Chicken 65

Deep fried chicken marinated with spices and dipped in corn flour

NV 6 Chicken Tikka

Chicken chunks marinated with special spices wrapped on skewer, done in tandoor

NV 7 Chicken Hariyali Tikka

Boneless chicken flavoured with mint, garlic, ginger and spices

NV 8 Drums of Heaven

Deep fired chicken lollypop coated in spicy batter


NV 9 Tandoori Chicken

Chicken marinated in tandoori spice mix and yogurt

NV 10 Murgh Malai Tikka

Creamy marinated chicken cooked in tandoor

NV 11 Tangdi Kebab

Drumstick marinated in garlic, ginger, lime and chopped green chillies, done in tandoor

NV 12 Kalmi Kebab

Marinated thigh with garlic, ginger, lime, yogurt and spice, grilled in a clay oven

NV 13 Kashmiri Kebab

Boneless chicken coated with cashewnut paste and egg

NV 14 Reshmi Kebab

Soft tender chicken mildly seasoned


NV 15 Chicken Sheekh Kebab

Soft tender chicken mildly seasoned


NV 16 Tandoori Prawns

Prawns marinated in tandoori masala

NV 17 Non-Vegetarian Tandoori Platter

Variety of kebabs on a sizzling platter


NV 18 Rolled Omelette

Our speciality. A must try

NV 19 Chicken Grilled Sandwich


Chana Chaat

CT 1 Aloo Chana Chaat

Low oil snack made with boiled chickpeas and potatoes, served with yogurt

CT 2 Aloo Tikki

Cutlets made of boiled potatoes and various spices served hot along with tamarind and coriander chutney

CT 3 Bhelpuri

Savoury snack made out of puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce


CT 4 Dahi Bhalla

Soft and fluffy fried lentil balls served with yogurt and chutney

CT 5 Fruit Chaat

Bright, colourful and refreshing blend of assorted fruits prepared with a hint of spice


CT 6 Panipuri

Fried crisp round puri filled with water (pani), tamarind, potatoes, onions, chillies and chat masala

CT 7 Papdi Chaat

Crisp fried dough wafers served with boiled potatoes, chick peas, chillies, yogurt, tamarind chutney and topped of with chaat masala

CT 8 Ragda Puri

Savoury snack prepared with puffed rice, curried peas and soothing yogurt with a perfect combination of sweet, sour, spicy and cooling flavours

Italian Starters

IS 1 Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with extra-virgin olive oil, finely cut tomatoes, basil salt and pepper.


IS 2 Mushroom in Walnut

Rich mixture of mushrooms and walnuts served in brioche


RC 1 Vegetarian Briyani Rice


RC 2 Chicken Briyani

Basmathi rice flavoured with exotic spices and layered with chicken cooked in layers of thick gravy. (served with raita)


RC 3 Mutton Briyani

Basmathi rice flavoured with exotic spices and layered with mutton cooked in layers of thick gravy. (served with raita)

RC 4 Fish Briyani

Basmathi rice flavoured with exotic spices and layered with fish cooked in layers of thick gravy. (served with raita)


RC 5 Prawn Briyani

Basmathi rice flavoured with exotic spices and layered with prawns cooked in layers of thick gravy. (served with raita)

RC 6 Egg Briyani

Basmathi rice flavoured with exotic spices and layered with eggs cooked in layers of thick gravy. (served with raita)


RC 7 Egg Fried Rice

RC 8 Vegetarian Fried Rice

RC 9 Chicken Fried Rice

RC 10 Plain Rice

Steamed basmathi rice


RC 11 Jeera Rice

Basmathi rice cooked with cumin seeds


RC 12 Peas Pulau

Basmathi rice cooked with green peas


RC 13 Plain Briyani Rice

Highly flavoured and coloured basmathi rice prepared with saffron or turmeric


RC 14 Veg Pulau

Basmathi rice cooked with vegetables and served with curd



BD 1 Tandoori Roti

Unleavened high fibre whole wheat bread

Rumali Roti

BD 2 Rumali Roti

Thin bread (Handkerchief Bread) cooked on upside-down wok

BD 3 Missi Roti

Wheat dough flattened and cooked in a clay oven

BD 4 Makai Ki Roti

Unleavened North Indian bread made from corn flour

BD 5 Plain Naan

Unleavened hand-made bread baked in a tandoor


BD 6 Garlic Naan

Unleavened hand-made bread stuffed with garlic, baked in a tandoor

BD 7 Butter Naan

Unleavened hand-made bread prepared with butter

BD 8 Cheese Naan

Unleavened hand-made bread prepared with cheese


BD 9 Kashmiri Naan

Unleavened hand-made bread covered and topped with raisins


BD 10 Masala Kulcha

Leavened flatbread stuffed with spices and onion baked in tandoor

BD 11 Chicken Kulcha

Leavened flatbread stuffed with minced chicken, spices and onions baked in tandoor

BD 12 Mutton Kulcha

Leavened flatbread stuffed with minced mutton, spices and onions baked in tandoor


BD 13 Chappati ( Phulka )

Unleavened bread made of wheat flour with little shortening toasted over a griddle till freckled gold

BD 14 Puri

Deep fried bread prepared with wheat flour


BD 15 Bhatura

Puffed fried bread

BD 16 Tawa Paratha

Flatbread lightly cooked with butter on hot plate

BD 17 Paneer Kathi Roll

Paneer is marinated in yogurt and spices, sauted and then rolled in chappati

BD 18 Chicken Kathi Roll

Shredded chicken with capsicum and onions, rolled in a chappati

BD 19 Lachha Paratha

Multi-layered whole wheat bread done in tandoor

BD 20 Assorted Bread Basket

Consists of different types of breads



SO 1 Cream of Chicken

Creamy soup served with diced chicken croutons

SO 2 Cream of Mushroom

Simple soup thinned with cream and prepared with mushrooms

SO 3 Cream of Vegetables

Simple soup thinned with cream and prepared with fresh vegetables

SO 4 Hot and Sour Chicken

Hot soup prepared with spicy and sour ingredients and topped off with diced chicken chunks

SO 5 Hot and Sour Soup

Hot soup prepared with sour and spicy ingredients

SO 6 Lemon Coriander Soup

Appetising clear soup prepared with fragrant lemon grass and piquant chillies


SO 7 Manchow Soup

Dark brown soup prepared with various vegetables and garnished with chopped scallions

SO 8 Sweet Corn Soup

Sweet and creamy soup prepared with fresh cream and corn

SO 9 Tomato Soup

Freshly made tomato cream soup served hot with small tomato chunks

Main Indian Course - Vegetarian

MV 1 Aloo Mattar

Green peas and potatoes cooked in gravy

MV 2 Amritsari Choley

Chick peas curry

MV 3 Bengan Partha

Grilled brinjal cooked with spices


MV 4 Dhall Makhani

Black lentil cooked in spices, cream, butter and tomatoes

MV 5 Dhall Panch Mela

Five types of lentils tempered together

Dal Tadka

MV 6 Dhall Tardka

Yellow lentil tempered with garlic and cumin seeds

MV 7 Dum Aloo Kashmiri

Whole potato deep fried and served with sweet fennel flavoured gravy

Kadi Pakora

MV 8 Kadi Pakora

Yogurt bolied with gram flour prepared with vegetarian dumplings


MV 9 Kadhai Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in traditional kadhai spices and tomatoes


MV 10 Malai Kofta

Cottage cheese with cream ball cooked in a mild creamy sauce

Main Indian Course - Non-Veg


MN 1 Chicken Curry

Chicken cooked in gravy with spices.

Chilly Chicken

MN 2 Chilly Chicken

Boneless chicken in sweet and spicy sauce.

MN 3 Butter Chicken

Boneless chicken roasted in tandoor and cooked with butter gravy.

MN 4 Dhanyari Murgh

Chicken cooked in rich coriander flavour.

MN 5 Murgh Kerai

Chicken cooked in traditional kadhai spices and tomatoes.

MN 6 Murgh Rada

Minced chicken pieces cooked with special home-made sauce.

MN 7 Murgh Tikka Masala

Chicken roasted in tandoor and served with thick gravy.

MN 8 Fried Chicken

Chicken fried with masala.

MN 9 Mutton Curry

Indian style mutton curry with home-made spices.

MN 10 Mutton Keema Mattar

Minced mutton curry with peas and potatoes cooked with spices.

MN 11 Mutton Rogan Gosht

Lamb cooked with cardamom tinged juice.

MN 12 Bhuna Gosht

Classical boneless lamb cooked with Indian spices and potato cubes.

MN 13 Gosht Sagwala

Mutton shanks prepared with an earth texture of spinach.

MN 14 Fish Masala

Fish cooked with spices and chilli.

MN 15 Goan Fish Curry

Fish cooked in coconut milk and ground ingredients.

MN 16 Madras Fish Curry

Indian style fish curry with a wholesome of spices.

MN 17 Machhar Jhol

Bengal fish curry.

MN 18 Fried Fish

FIsh fried with masala.


MN 19 Prawns Masala Gravy

Prawns cooked in spicy gravy.


RT 1 Aloo Raita

Chopped potatoes prepared with yogurt and a hint of spice.

RT 2 Bundi Raita

Tiny, round and crisply fried droplets of besan prepared with creamy yogurt.


RT 3 Mix Vege Raita

Minced vegetables prepared with creamy yogurt.

RT 4 Pineapple Raita

Perfect blend of chopped pineapple chunks and creamy yogurt.



SD 1 Caesar Salad

Crisp Caesar salad with oven-fried white fish fillets, topped with creamy Caesar dressing and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

SD 2 Greek Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and scallions. topped off with feta cheese, greek olives and greek dressing.

SD 3 Green Salad

Light, savoury leafy vegetable dish served with a creamy dressing.

SD 4 Kachumber Salad

Fresh and vibrant salad with cucumber, tomatoes and onions tossed together with lemon juice and a little cumin.

SD 5 Woldroff Salad

Traditionally made of fresh apples, walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise and served on a bed of lettuce.

SD 6 Freshly cut Onions, Chilli and Lime